About Us

"Pyramid Meditation Channel (PMC: A Web–Based Channel Currently) Is the Result Of The Vision of Brahmarshi Patriji Who Believes That Only The Practice Of Anapanasati Meditation And Living As Vegetarians Can Build A Truthful Society."

PMC is registered as “PSSM MEDIA LTD” (CIN NO.U74994TPLC121367) under the divine stewardship of Brahmarshi Patriji. He is the grand founder of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM), India

PMC is an unique meditation channel .. the first of its kind in the world .. established in the year 2018. PMC envisions and endeavours to make universal spiritual truths reach the whole of mankind through positive media. The intent of Pyramid Meditation Channel is to achieve and establish a society which has as its fundamental traits as vegetarianism and non-violence. PMC aspires for establishing a peaceful meditative world.

PMC proposes making of every human being into a Buddha.

PMC is a transformative media which will present “Truth As It Is”. PMC showcases the spiritual services offered by the PSSM in around 10,000 energy zones, through the combined efforts of around 1,44,000 pyramid masters for the past 27 years. PMC has more than a million-plus viewer base reach at present.

PMC is a weapon to spread truths on spiritual and holistic living through the messages of a multitude of gurus and spiritual masters .. past and present.. whose success stories can be eye-openers to masses of individuals across the world.

PMC is the VOICE of all pyramid masters and is meant to spread the great truths of pyramid energy and Anapanasati Breath-Meditation throughout the globe.

PMC is launching itself currently as a web-based channel with its headquarters based at Hyderabad, Telangana. However, it shall, in due course, extend itself as a satellite-based channel in the near future.


To spread Spiritual Truths to mankind through positive media and enable the transformation of individual human consciousness into unified God Consciousness.


To make everyone a total vegetarian and an accomplished meditator on this planet.


Pyramid Meditation Channel (PMC) works on the value bases as below:

  • 1. Showcasing the Truth of Higher Consciousness as it is.
  • 2. Presenting only Positive Media subjects for betterment of the society.
  • 3. Working to spread the Wisdom of all Spiritual Masters.

Pyramid Meditation Channel (PMC) is a conscious effort for the first time ever
in the Mainstream Media to awaken mass spiritual consciousness.
PMC facilitates everyone’s spiritual blossoming by bridging
the gap between New Age Wisdom and the ancient Sanatana Dharma.


  • 1. Leave violence, live in peace.
  • 2. Practice Anapanasati Meditation regularly.
  • 3. Teach everyone whatever you have learnt.
  • 4. Build pyramids everywhere.


Pyramid Meditation Channel (PMC) is now taking baby steps as a web–based channel … to present in a nutshell…, the awakening of the new World Consciousness, delienating the perfect pathway for a Spiritual Golden Age, presenting spirituo-cultural aspects, meditation knowledge and soul wisdom.

Pyramid Meditation Channel (PMC) shall be the VOICE to carry the messages of revered Brahmarshi Patriji, to spread the information about all the existing and upcoming Pyramid Meditation Centres across the world and to share the live experiences of all pyramid masters.


The Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) under the guidance of its founder Brahmarshi Patriji, has completed three decades of spiritual journey. PSSM is relentlessly striving to achieve a non-violent society, a peaceful pyramid-meditative world and aspires to make every human being a Buddha on this Planet.

PSSM is an eternal mission which promotes pyramids as energy centres globally, making everyone vegetarian, spreading soul-level wisdom among human beings, preaching Anapanasati Meditation, spreading the utilization of pyramid energies across the world for a blissful, healthy and spiritual living for all. PSSM is a revolutionary Spiritual Movement reaching all sections of masses, transforming human beings into divine beings beyond all boundaries of caste, religion, race, region and working towards the dawn of a Golden New Age of oneness… one global family – “Vasudhaika Kutumbakam”

Pyramid Meditation Channel (PSSM Media Ltd.,) is a tribute to the nearly three decades of the Miraculous Journey of PSSM.

The initial focus of PMC as a web-based channel for the year 2018 will be:

  • 1. To highlight the activities of Pyramid Masters.
  • 2. To present the experiences of Pyramid Meditators.
  • 3. To give all the relevant information about existing Pyramid Meditation Centres .. primarily in the twin Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.


Brahmarshi Patriji

An enlightened soul walking on this Planet Earth, now in physical form … “Maitreya Buddha” is a friend, a guide and a realized master.

“The man who made masses meditate and made them realize that they are God”: Subhash Patri was born in the year 1947. He attained enlightenment in the year 1979. Patriji made meditation absolutely simple and easily available to one and all.

Patriji spreads Anapanasati Meditation freely to millions of people. He is striving for the peaceful coexistence of all the world beings by promoting vegetarianism. He is on the mission of making every human being a meditator. He spreads the most powerful cosmic energy – the Pyramid Energy. With his blessings, thousands of people have taken up the sacred mission of building Pyramids and organizing pyramid meditation centers across the globe.

Patriji is the master trainer of hundreds of pyramid spiritual masters across the world today. He stands as an impeccable torch bearer of New Age Spiritual Science Movement and is working for the total spirituo-scientific enlightenment of all.